About Us

Wonderland Media is a boutique marketing agency specialising in Social Media Management, Communication Plans, Influencer and Events Strategies and Lead Generation.

Our aim is to ACTIVATE your business online and offline. We drive interest, engagement and profits to businesses and industry leaders in the lifestyle, beauty, fashion, hospitality and event markets. 

Our specialty is growth, we are obsessed with numbers and driving businesses forward for long term success. 


Marketing Management

Since 2012 we have collectively built over 20 million social media followers for small businesses in Australia, and around the world.

Training & Development Workshops

Teaching you to fish is our objective, yes we can serve it up on a silver platter but does that mean you will appreciate it? 

Event Management & Consultation 

Our focus is driving interactive events that increase brand awareness, engagement, drive dynamic content and social media strategy.

Our Clients 


We have built an incredible community of clients with a vast range of businesses, skill sets and objectives. 

"Wendy, thanks again for sharing your wisdom and advice with me. It has given me a fresh perspective and the right motivation to move forward.I have already started applying the things we discussed and hope to receive some good responses soon."


Lopre Events 

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